Speakers 2016

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Speakers 2016 (archive)

With 48 invited speakers and eight countries represented amongst the speakers (and more amongst the delegates), this conference provides an unrivalled powerhouse of international and local experts.

All concurrent sessions (with the exception of the scientific stream on Saturday and the Shared Medical Appointments workshop on Friday) will be filmed for later viewing on our website so you won’t miss a moment of the days you register for!

Find out more about these smiling faces by scrolling down and check out the program here.


Master of Ceremonies

carolinewest150x200Dr Caroline West, MBBS

Our Master of Ceremonies, Dr Caroline West, known to many Australians for her appearances on Guide to the Good Life, Beyond Tomorrow, Good Medicine, Beyond 2000, 60 minutes and George Negus Tonight, will guide you through the feast of options and will facilitate the plenary panel discussions and the Innovation & Enterprise think tank.

Dr Caroline West specialises in Healthy Lifestyle Medicine and is one of Australia’s best known doctors. As a medical practitioner she has extensive clinical experience helping clients make healthy changes for life. Her philosophy is simple: a healthy lifestyle anchors wellness, boosts energy, longevity and peak performance.

She has been described as a “medico who brings solutions to the real health issues of real people”. As a leader in the field of healthy lifestyle and preventative medicine Dr West communicates the latest in medical advances not only to her clients but also to a broader audience through her work as a media doctor.

Currently Dr Caroline is the health and fitness host for Guide to the Good Life. She has also been a TV presenter for other top rating programs including the internationally acclaimed Beyond Tomorrow series, Good Medicine, Beyond 2000, 60 minutes and George Negus Tonight. As Director of the healthy consultancy group Healthy Difference, Dr Caroline West also provides advice , coaching, seminars,strategic health planning and workshops and keynotes for corporate and community based groups.

Dr West is also a lecturer with Southern Cross University in the school of Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Special Guest

bob-brown-200Bob Brown

One of Australia’s most respected public figures, unafraid to speak up, stand up and if necessary, get arrested for the cause as we saw earlier this year in the Lapoinya forest, will be speaking at Lifestyle Medicine 2016 on Saturday 5 November.

Bob Brown was elected to the Senate in 1996 after 10 years as an MHA in Tasmania’s state parliament. In his first speech in the Senate, Bob raised the threat posed by climate change. Government and opposition members laughed at his warning of sea level rises and it took ten years for them to finally begin to acknowledge the causes and effects of climate change.

Since 1996, Bob has continued to take a courageous, and often politically lonely, stand on issues across the national and international spectrum, including petrol sniffing in Central Australia, self-determination for West Papua and Tibet, saving Tasmania’s ancient forests, opposing the war in Iraq, justice for David Hicks, stopping the sale of the Snowy Hydro scheme and opposing the dumping of nuclear waste in Australia.

Bob was re-elected to the Senate in 2001. Following the election of four Greens senators in 2004, Bob became parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens in 2005. The 2007 election saw Bob re-elected to the Senate for a third term, receiving the highest personal Senate vote in Tasmania and being elected with more than a quota in his own right.

In 2010 Bob led the Australian Greens to a historic result with more than 1.6 million Australians voting for the Greens and the election of nine Senators and one House of Representatives member. As a result, the Greens gained balance of power in the Senate and signed an agreement with the ALP which allowed Prime Minister Julia Gillard to form government.

A key part of this agreement was the Greens requirement that a price on carbon be introduced, which led to legislation being passed at the end of 2011. Bob stepped down as Leader of the Australian Greens, and then retired from the Senate in June 2012. After leaving parliament he founded the Bob Brown Foundation to support environmental campaigns and activists around Australia and our region.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Invited speakers

michaelberk2-200Prof Michael Berk, MBChB, MMed(Psych), FF(Psych)SA, FRANZCP, PhD

Professor Michael Berk is currently a NHMRC Senior Principal research Fellow, and is Alfred Deakin Chair of Psychiatry at Deakin University and Barwon Health, where he heads the IMPACT Strategic Research Centre. He also is an Honorary Professorial Research fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, the Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health and Orygen Youth Health at Melbourne University, as well as in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.

He is past president of the International Society for Bipolar disorders and the Australasian Society or Bipolar and Depressive Disorders. He is an ISI highly cited researcher who has published over 800 papers predominantly in mood disorders. His major interests are in the discovery and implementation of novel therapies, and risk factors and prevention of psychiatric disorders. He is the recipient of a number of national and international awards including the Brain and behaviour Foundation Colvin prize, and holds grants from the National Institutes of Health (US), Simon Autism Foundation, NHMRC CRE and project grants, Beyondblue and Stanley Medical Research Institute and is a lead investigator in a Collaborative Research Centre.

jille-burns-200Jille Burns, BAppSc, PGradDipHlthSc, MNurs (Nurse Practitioner), Cert II NEM (ACNEM)

Jille Burns is a Nurse Practitioner, author, speaker, health coach and professional mentor who thrives on educating and empowering people to make healthier choices in their day-to-day lives. In private practice at Ellen Health in Fremantle her specialist areas of interest include Nutritional & Environmental Medicine in Primary Care, Preventive Health Care, Self-Management, Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease Management. Her particular area of expertise is cardiovascular risk factor management.

Jille lectures for the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and provides clinical supervision & training for nurse practitioner interns from Curtin University. For the triennium 2014-2016 Jille created and successfully coordinated a RACGP registered course on Gluten, Dairy and the Gut. Jille enjoys motivating people to create change and speaks to community groups, organisations and businesses about the basis of nutritional medicine and its application in daily life.

richard-chambers-200Dr Richard Chambers, BA (Hons), DPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness. He is helping a growing number of businesses, educational institutions and community organisations use mindfulness to enhance their wellbeing and performance. At Monash University, Richard is leading a university-wide mindfulness initiative. He has been teaching and researching mindfulness for over 13 years and regularly provides lectures and workshops around Australia and internationally.

Richard helped develop Smiling Mind, a free mindfulness app with 1 million downloads, and the popular Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance free online course which has had 135,000 users and was recently voted 8th best online course of all time. He has published two books, Mindful Learning and Mindful Relationships, a number of journal articles and regularly features in mainstream media. He is also actively involved in research studies at a number of universities around Australia.

Fiona-cosgrove-200Fiona Cosgrove, MSc Ex Sci, MSc Counselling

Heading up one of Australia’s leading Health and Wellness Coach Training organisations,Wellness Coaching Australia, Fiona Cosgrove is a leader in the emerging field of coaching for positive lifestyle behaviour change.  Combining theories from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology, Wellness Coaching helps individuals overcome resistance to change using a supportive, and not prescriptive, coaching model approach.

Fiona brings over 25 years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industries, bringing a vast depth of experience ranging from health club owner, university lecturer, keynote speaker, wellness coach trainer, counsellor, author and National General Manager of  The Golden Door group of health retreats and spas.

She holds Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and in Counselling and is a certified and licensed Wellness Coach.  Fiona is passionate about helping individuals and organisations be the best they can be by  using coaching to empower people to take responsibility for their own change process.  She has trained over 2000 health professionals in coaching skills and is currently heading up a Consortium to move towards credentialing of this new and important field.

barbora-de-courten-200A/Prof Barbora de Courten, MD, MPH, PhD, FRACP

Associate Professor Barbora de Courten is a general physician and researcher with a PhD in epidemiology, extensive training in clinical trials (NIH) and a Master of Public Health. She has expertise across the translational research continuum from human mechanistic studies to clinical trials and public health interventions through to practice.

Her vision is to establish new strategies for prevention and management of chronic diseases, specifically obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Her goal is that her research findings will ultimately translate into treatment guidelines, reduced diabetes and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and reduced health-care costs.

She is passionate about identifying and providing evidence for safe, low-cost and easily scalable interventions with potential to have an immediate public health impact to prevent and treat chronic diseases.

She has worked in a variety of international settings, as reflected by her appointments at prestigious institutions in the USA (NIH), Australia (Baker IDI, Monash University) and Europe (University of Copenhagen and Steno Diabetes Centre). She has an active national and international research network in her respective research disciplines.

Maximilian-de-Courten-200Prof Maximilian de Courten, MD (UniBAS, Switzerland), MPH (UA,USA)

Maximilian de Courten is Professor and Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CCDPM) at Victoria University. He is a Global Public Health expert with substantial experience in interventions ranging from the pathophysiology of non-communicable diseases, clinical trials, community-based programs to international government policies for chronic disease control.

His research focus is Global Health and chronic disease prevention including their surveillance. Before joining the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention & Management, he worked in a range of different organisations, such as large governmental research institutes (the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US), inter-governmental institutions (World Health Organisation (WHO)), private research institutions (International Diabetes Institute (IDI) Melbourne), academia (University of Bern, Monash and Deakin University, and most recently University of Copenhagen).

His specific technical knowledge covers the fields of clinical trials, health services, epidemiology, health policy, health promotion, disease control, global health education, community-based obesity and diabetes prevention. His work in a variety of environments – both within Australia and overseas – and involvement in setting up new directions in research and teaching gives him leadership experience with small and large teams across a number of cultures and technical fields.

His teaching approach is both grounded in first-hand international experience and innovation, which lead to highest student ratings and novel initiatives such as the “Food for Global Thought’ program in Copenhagen.

Wayne-Dysinger150x200Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH

Dr. Dysinger currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, a new model primary care concept that is built on Lifestyle Medicine principles along with a direct primary care funding mechanism. He is also Medical Director of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and consults and teaches on Lifestyle Medicine issues around the world.

Dr. Dysinger was previously Chair, Department of Preventive Medicine, Loma Linda University. He is a past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, is on the board of the American College of Preventive Medicine, and has worked in various capacities with the American Medical Association and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research.

Dr. Dysinger earned his M.D. degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine (1986), and his MPH from Loma Linda University School of Public Health (1990). He has previously worked in Guam, Atlanta and Dartmouth.

garry150Prof Garry Egger AM, MPH, PhD, MAPS

Prof Garry Egger is known around the world as one of the pioneers of Lifestyle Medicine. He is a Professor of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University and an Advisor to the World Health Organisation and several Government and corporate bodies in chronic disease prevention. He has qualifications in behavioural biology and epidemiology. He has worked in public, corporate and clinical health for over 4 decades. He is the author of 30 books (including five texts) over 160 peer-reviewed scientific and research articles and numerous popular media articles on health and fitness.

In the 1990s Dr Egger initiated the GutBusters, men’s waist loss program, the first of its kind in the world. He started training programs for Fitness Leaders in Australia in 1982, was one of the initiators of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) in 2008 and runs training programs in Lifestyle Medicine for doctors and allied health professionals around Australia and the Pacific. He recently received an Australia Medal for his services to medical education and health promotion. His recent interests and publications concern the link between obesity, climate change and economic growth.

Ahmed-El-Sohemy-200Prof Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD

Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy is a Professor at the University of Toronto and has held a Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics. He earned his PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard. He returned to Toronto in 2000 to establish a research program in nutritional genomics. The goal of his research is to elucidate the genetic basis for variability in nutrient response on health and performance.

Dr. El-Sohemy has published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and has given over 180 invited talks around the world. He is on the editorial board of 10 scientific and medical journals and served as an expert reviewer for more than 30 other journals and 12 granting agencies. He has over 4,100 citations with an H-index of 36. Dr. El-Sohemy has served on Health Canada’s Scientific Advisory Board and several international expert advisory panels.

He has made numerous appearances on TV, radio and in print media, and was voted one of the top 10 people to watch in 2004 by the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, and in 2007 was nominated for Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 award. In 2013, Dr. El-Sohemy was named one of the top 10 inventors of the year by UofT and the following year he was awarded the Centrum Foundation New Scientist Award for Outstanding Research by the Canadian Nutrition Society. This year he was awarded the Mark Bieber Professional Award by the American College of Nutrition.  He is the founder of Nutrigenomix Inc. and Chair’s the company’s International Science Advisory Board.

margarete-ezwina-200N. Margarete Ezinwa MD, MPH

Dr Margarete Ezinwa received her medical degree from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, before completing residency training in Family Medicine at Franklin Square, and Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins including fellowships at the World Health Organization where she worked with a multidisciplinary team creating International Partnerships for Patient Safety and strengthening the network of the WHO global collaborating centers, the Office of Global Research at the National Institute of Health where she initiated collaboration between New Zealand the the USA, especially in the area of OneHealth and looked at the problem of calorie rich micronutrient poor nutrition in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific and Center for a Livable Future where she worked with food policy groups identifying leverage points for health within the American food system.

Currently as Assistant Professor in Preventive and Family Medicine at Loma Linda University she combines her passions for assisting patients in lifestyle change for the treatment and prevention of Non-communicable disease at an underserved clinic for San Bernardino Department of Public Heath, and teaching the next generation of Preventive and Family Medicine Residents global-local medicine.

As Director of Global Strategic planning, she brings her skills and enthusiasm in working towards the eradication of non-communicable disease through global collaboration, promoting simple sustainable lifestyle change.

flavia2-150Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore, BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet, RNutr, APD, PhD

Flavia Fayet-Moore is an accredited practicing dietitian, registered nutritionist and sports nutritionist with a special interest in assessment of nutritional status, dietary intake, eating behaviour and chronic disease prevention. Flavia graduated form the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Sciences Specialist and Biology Major). She obtained her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney and went on to complete a PhD in nutrition.

Flavia’s experience includes working as a project manager and researcher at the University of Sydney, director of Nutrition Research Australia and author. She is an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney, member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, the Sports Dietitians of Australia and the Nutrition Society of Australia.

George-Guthrie150x200George E. Guthrie MD, MPH, CDE (President ACLM)

Dr. George Guthrie received his MD degree from Loma Linda University in 1981. After completing his Family Practice Residency at Hinsdale Hospital near Chicago he joined a multi-specialty medical group on the island of Guam. The high incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in his patients led to a growing interest in the effective lifestyle treatment of the disease.

After obtaining a MPH in nutrition Dr Guthrie returned to clinical practice in the foothills of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains where he continued to apply his community lifestyle medicine focus from a traditional allopathic medical clinic. He and his wife, Dena, piloted and ran month-long, community based CHIP programs. He later spent the better part of 5 years as medical director of the Lifestyle Center of America near Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA.

For the last 8+ years Dr Guthrie has been teaching the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to residents of the allopathic Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital in the Orlando, Florida area. Over the years Dr. Guthrie has had the privilege of being involved in the development several lifestyle change programs including The Wellspring Diabetes Program, and the CREATION Health program. This has led to the opportunity to speak on lifestyle medicine around the United States and other English speaking countries for a variety of audiences. He is the current president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Dr Jason Hawrelak BNat(Hons), PhD, MNHAA, MASN, FACN

Dr Jason Hawrelak is a researcher, lecturer, naturopath and nutritionist with more than 16-years clinical experience. Jason practices at Goulds Natural Medicine, a 135-year-old natural medicine apothecary and clinic located in central Hobart. He did his PhD examining the capacity of probiotics, prebiotics and herbal medicines to modify the gastrointestinal tract microbiota.

Jason is currently the Senior Lecturer in Complementary and Alternative Medicines at the University of Tasmania’s School of Medicine (Hobart, Tasmania), where he coordinates the Evidence-based Complementary Medicine programs. He also teaches the Gastrointestinal Imbalances unit within the Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program at the University of Western States (Portland, Oregon).

Dr Hawrelak is a member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia, is on the Medical Nutrition Council of the American Society for Nutrition, and is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

alex-hodge-200Dr Alexander Hodge BSc, MBBS(Hons), FRACP

Alex worked as a molecular biologist in Vancouver, Canada before he commenced medicine at the University of Sydney in 2000. He graduated with honours, then completed his Gastroenterology specialist training between Canberra and Melbourne at The Alfred hospital. In early 2015, he completed a PhD at Monash University focusing on stem cell therapy for chronic liver diseases and lifestyle modification for fatty liver disease / metabolic syndrome.

Dr Hodge is a consultant at Monash Health where he attends gastroenterology and hepatology clinics, performs endoscopy and Fibroscan (liver fibrosis imaging). He is a lecturer at Monash University and was awarded the inaugural Monash University Clinical School Early Career Practitioner Fellowship in 2015 / 2016 to continue his research in the field of fibrosis and fatty liver disease. He is the principal investigator on pharmaceutical clinical trials for NAFLD.

Christine-Houghton-200Dr Christine Houghton, BSc, DC, Grad Dip Hum Nutr, R.Nutr

Following 30 years in private practice as a Nutritional Biochemist, Christine is currently engaged in doctoral research at the University of Queensland, investigating bioactive phytochemicals with significant clinical potential. In addition to her research, Christine is co-author of the Masters Level Course: Translational Nutrigenomics, delivered to clinicians online via Manuka Science. Christine is also Managing Director of Cell-Logic Pty Ltd, an Australian company specialising in Nutrigenomic solutions for enhancement of human health.

She is an accomplished writer and an engaging speaker whose evidence-supported presentations may challenge accepted but often-outdated paradigms. Christine’s forte lies in taking complex biochemical concepts and translating their essence into concepts relevant to the needs of practising clinicians. She is the author of “Switched On – Harnessing the Power of Nutrigenomics to Optimise Your Health” and her peer-reviewed publications include Special Article in Nutrition Reviews: “SULFORAPHANE: Translational Medicine from Lab Bench to Clinic”. Nutrition Reviews 2013 Nov;71(11):709-26.

Peter-Howe-200Prof Peter Howe, BSc, MSc, PhD, FNSA, Rnutr

Peter Howe is Professor of Nutrition Research and Director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre at the University of Newcastle. He is also Adjunct Professor in Nutritional Physiology at the University of South Australia and Adjunct Professor in Physiology at the University of Adelaide. With an extensive track record of multidisciplinary preclinical and clinical research, he is a recognised authority on cardiovascular and metabolic health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and other bioactive nutrients. Peter has published 250 papers with 6000 citations and has an H-index of 43. His goal is the scientific substantiation and promotion of health benefits of functional foods and nutraceuticals through collaborative partnerships with industry. He is joint Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal Nutrients and a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia.

catherine-itsiopoulos2-200Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos, BSc, BSc(Hons), Grad Dip Diet, MPH, PhD, APD, AN

Catherine Itsiopoulos is a recognised leader in Dietetics and has international standing as a leader in Mediterranean diet research. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, deputy chair of the Australian Dietetics Council, and is the founding head of the department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at La Trobe University (2010- ).

Her current role is Head of School of Allied Health where she heads 11 disciplines and a staff in excess of 120 EFT. She is also the research leader for dietetics and human nutrition at La Trobe University. Previous positions include Associate Dean International Faculty of Health Sciences at La Trobe University (2013-2014), Head of School of Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Canberra (2009-2010), manager Accreditation and Recognition Services, Dietitians Association of Australia (2004-2010), Fellow of the CRE in Diabetes, University of Melbourne (2007-2010), Senior Lecturer Health Services Management, RMIT University (2000-2003), Lecturer Dietetics and MPH Coordinator, Deakin University (1994-2000), Dietetics Clinician/ Research Dietitian and A/Department Manager, Alfred Hospital/ Austin/ Royal Adelaide (1987-1993).

Catherine has an established research leadership role at La Trobe University. As leader of the Food for Life research program, champion of the Food Cluster in the Securing Food Water and Environment Research Focus Area, member of the steering committee for the Understanding Disease Research Focus Area, Food North Research Collaborative and steering committee for La Trobe Asia, she is well positioned to build strategic research partnerships with health services and food industry, nationally and internationally.

moyez-jiwa-200Prof Moyez Jiwa, MD, FRCP, FRACGP, MRCGP

“I’ve been a doctor since 1987. I have worked in four countries and know the challenge of working in different healthcare settings. I am a Professor of Health Innovation at Notre Dame University and a GP practicing in Victoria, Australia.
I have learned that people who respond to those in pain and distress often know how to help. These caring professionals are often ham strung by the system. Despite these limitations they find ways to intuitively and creatively solve problems and care for their patients. We need the insight, passion and energy of these people at the coalface.”

neil-king-200Prof Neil King

Neil King is the Director of Research Training in the Faculty of Health at Queensland University of Technology. He is also an active researcher in the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

He is an internationally recognised researcher in the field of obesity, physical activity and appetite control. He has achieved an international reputation in obesity research based on developing a research theme of “Resistance to Lose Weight”, with a focus on appetite regulation. More recently, he has an interest in health technologies and apps for self-management and prevention of diseases.

He has published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He has an h-index of 36, an average of >340 citations/year since 2007. He has supervised 16 PhD and Masters students. He has been invited to present at over 30 national and international conferences. Neil is originally from Yorkshire in the UK. After retiring from 20 years of playing Rugby Union, he took up running as a hobby. He has completed several 10km races, 4 half-marathons and 1 marathon.

Dr-Paul-Lam-200Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician from Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. He is now focusing on preventative medicine through Tai Chi for Health, and has participated in many research projects on the subject of tai chi’s health benefits. He has published 24 scientific papers in peer review journals as principle investigator or co-author.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov) recommended Dr Lam’s program Tai Chi for Arthritis for fall prevention, as well as the USA National Council on Ageing. Many governmental departments around the world have funded projects using his program/s for health and fall prevention. Dr Lam has composed several Tai Chi for Health programs which have improved the health and wellness of more than eight million people around the world.

Dr Lam founded the Tai Chi for Health Institute in 2011, and is the current director. He has written books including Overcoming Arthritis, Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms, Born Strong and Teaching Tai Chi Effectively. He has also produced many instructional DVDs including Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Beginners and Tai Chi for Energy.

Dr-Rob-Lawson-200Dr Rob Lawson, BSc, MBChB, MRCGP, FRCGP

Dr Rob Lawson is co-founder of the recently constituted British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and founder of the UK Shared Medical Appointment Contact Group. He has been a proponent of Lifestyle Medicine principles since 1991 when he founded a charity providing activity and support for those with long-term health conditions.

He is now retired from NHS General Practice in the UK, where he lead his practice to serial Quality Practice Awards. He is currently Director in his own small Limited Company which offers a LM clinical approach and a CORE HEALTH network of Associated Health Professionals who subscribe to LM principles.

Dr Lawson is a Fellow of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners, serves as a Membership Assessor and is on the Board of South East Scotland Faculty.

Liana-Lianov150x200Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM

As an innovative physician leader in preventive medicine/public health and internal medicine, Dr. Lianov has advanced the lifestyle medicine movement in the US and internationally. She received the 2015 Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM). Dr. Lianov is the lead author for the 2010 publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association that unveiled the lifestyle medicine core competencies for physicians, recommended by a national blue ribbon panel of health professional organizations.

In her roles as immediate past president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and chair of the Lifestyle Medicine Task Force and the Lifestyle Medicine Competencies Working Group of ACPM, and Preventive Medicine/Public Health regent on the ACPM board Dr. Lianov spurred awareness in the medical community about the critical need for healthy lifestyles not only as the key to prevention, but also treatment and reversal of lifestyle-related diseases. She is the lead faculty for the first of its kind intensive lifestyle medicine curriculum for physicians sponsored by ACPM and ACLM.

Dr. Lianov led the development of the Healthier Life Steps program at the American Medical Association, while serving as its Health Lifestyles Division Director, leading initiatives to support physicians in helping their patients build healthy habits. She broadly promotes the crucial role of healthy lifestyles and environments to patients, the public and professional audiences through her numerous presentations and publications in the US and abroad. Dr. Lianov is also an advisor to the True Health Initiative that aims to reveal the truth behind chronic diseases and promoting healthy communities., as well as the president of the International Scientific Committee of GoodMorningDoctor, a successful Italian health social network that is being expanded worldwide.

After completing a psychiatry fellowship, she founded HealthType LLC which implements innovative strategies for making sustainable health behavior change and offers consulting services for digital health projects. Her passion is to widely disseminate methods of promoting emotional well-being, as the key foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Her new wellbeing client and coach apps at myhappyavatar.com, based in positive psychology and cutting edge neuroscience have recently been released. HealthType LLC is collaborating with partners to link individuals with community-based, virtual and tourism resources that promote healthy lifestyles.

SamManger150x200Dr Sam Manger, MBBS, BSc, FRACGP

Dr Sam Manger completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and his undergraduate Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland. He is now a General Practitioner with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in South East Queensland with a strong focus on lifestyle medicine and community collaboration. He is a Medical Educator with James Cook University and Generalist Medical Training, and is also completing a Masters in Public Health (MPH).

His passion for health and neuroscience has evolved into reflecting on how to change individual and social behaviour to lead to a more healthy, sustainable and ethical culture. He is a founding National Board Director of the Australia wide Transitions Film Festival. The TFF was founded in 2012 and has screened hundreds of positive and solutions focussed films, forums and events around Australia on the transition to a sustainable and ethical culture. He is also a former Committee Member of Doctors for the Environment Australia SA, founder of multiple community organisations, public speaker, permaculture practitioner, and bush survival student.

Kate150Dr Kate Marsh, PhD, MNutrDiet, BSc, GC(Diab Edn & Mgt)

Kate is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator working in private practice in Sydney and has a particular interest in vegetarian nutrition and plant-based diets, and the dietary and lifestyle management of diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. She was awarded the inaugural Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) of the Year in 2015.

Kate is the convenor of the DAA National Vegetarian and PCOS Discussion Groups, chair of the ADEA Editorial Advisory Group, a member of the Diabetes Australia Medical Education Scientific Advisory Committee, on the editorial board for Diabetes Management Journal, and a board member for the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

She is the editor of the Australian Diabetes Educator, and a regular contributor to Diabetic Living Magazine. Kate has published articles in a number of nutrition and medical journals on the topics of PCOS, insulin resistance, glycemic index, diabetes, and vegetarian diets. She is also co-author of The Low GI Guide to Managing PCOS, The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook, Low GI Gluten-Free Living, and The Bump to Baby Diet, and has authored a number of textbook chapters on PCOS, pregnancy and vegetarian nutrition.

Kate is passionate about the role of plant-based diets in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.

Luigi-maselli-200Luigi Maselli, MD, PhD

Dr. Luigi Maselli works as Scientific Director at the National Department of Lifestyle Sciences in Italy and as an Instructor of Medicine at Sapienza University of Rome – School of Medicine and Dentistry. He also is the founding President of the Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ILMA).

In 2015 he received the Distinguished Doctor Award at San Raffaele University of Rome in honor of his significant contribution to Lifestyle Medicine in Italy. Dr. Maselli is a neuroimmunologist with a PhD in Neurosciences and he developed his academic career at some of the best medical schools in the world such as NYU, Harvard, Stanford, Sapienza, Peking.

He is active in patient care, research, speaking, teaching and writing, and wrote the first Italian book on Lifestyle Medicine. After establishing his connection with the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where he fell in love with Lifestyle Medicine, he established Lifestyle Medicine programs in several Italian universities. His overwhelming enthusiasm for life and propensity for helping others reflect the values that make Lifestyle Medicine unique for the treatment and prevention of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.


Sally Mathrick, BA (Melb), BNat (SCU), MNHAA

Sally is a university qualified Naturopath practising wholistic, integrative natural medicine in Bendigo and Melbourne and also undertaking a Bachelor in Medicines Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicine at UTas.

Sally co-directed and convened the Bryon Integrative Medicine Conferences, supporting the development of patient-centred care model and interdisciplinary communication. She is a widely published health writer, in both textbooks and the popular press, and is the DIY Detox columnist for WellBeing Australia Magazine.

Sally has created a suite of wellness courses to educate about wholistic health improvement, including Sparkle Wellness and Detox, and Nourish Yoga and Nutrition. She also runs cleansing and yoga retreats in Australia. Sally is passionate about enhancing wellness, including personal and environmental perspectives.

Christine-May-200Dr Christine May, BDS(Hons) USyd BHSc(TCM) UTS

Christine is a Sydney-based health entrepreneur, currently developing an e-health platform to connect dentists, consumers and health science for improved knowledge, communication and expectations, leading to better clinical experiences and ultimately improved health outcomes. This is primarily delivered via the curation and creation of oral health content for dental practice marketing.

Christine comes from a 20-year health industry background, predominantly as a Dentist, Chinese Medicine practitioner – acupuncture, herbs and physical therapies; and Clinical Educator. She speaks on occasion on such topics as oriental medicine in dentistry, oral health considerations for allied health practitioners and integrative dental medicine. She will be speaking about the importance of the oral microbiome in systemic health and lifestyle medicine at the conference.

hamish150aDr Hamish Meldrum, MBChB, DRANZCOG, FRACGP (President ASLM)

Dr Hamish Meldrum is a co-founding owner of the Ochre Health Group, and is the Director of Medical Services. He is a NZ medical graduate with experience in General Practice, Emergency Medicine and Obstetrics. Hamish worked in Bourke NSW for 5 years as a GP Obstetrician and since 2006 has been based in Sydney as the Director of Medical Services. He is an examiner for the RACGP Fellowship exam and is involved with clinical governance, GP research, quality improvement, and clinical support for doctors in the Ochre Health Group.

Darren_Morton150Dr Darren Morton, PhD, MAppSc, BEd (Hons)

Dr Darren Morton is located in the Lifestyle Research Centre at Avondale College of Higher Education (NSW, Australia), where he is a lead researcher and the Course Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies in Lifestyle Medicine. Darren has qualifications in education and human physiology and is a recipient of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council award for outstanding contributions to student learning in the University sector. He was also a key developer of, and presenter in, the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) which is a leading Lifestyle Medicine intervention now used in over 10 countries.

Darren’s research interest centres around optimising the effectiveness of Lifestyle Medicine interventions. He has numerous publications in leading medical and scientific journals, contributes regularly to popular magazines and has written several books. His contributions to the Australian Health and Fitness industry earned him the Australian Fitness Network Author of the Year award. Darren has also delivered hundreds of presentations on lifestyle related topics to corporate, education and community groups throughout Australia and Internationally.

Jennifer Norris

Jenny is a registered Occupational Therapist who currently practices as a senior Occupational Therapist with the cardiac services at a large rural hospital in North West NSW. Her role covers both the acute hospital and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services with a focus on promoting holistic patient centred care. Her clinical background also includes mental health and generalist specialist practice. Jenny has an interest in applying and integrating evidence based practice to enhance her clinical services.

kerin-odea-200Prof Kerin O’Dea AO

Kerin O’Dea PhD, AO, currently Professor of Population Health and Nutrition at the University of South Australia, is a nutrition scientist and public health researcher, who is probably best known for her novel research on the marked beneficial health impact of temporary reversion to traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle on diabetes and associated conditions in Australian Aborigines.

She has a strong research interest in the therapeutic potential of traditional diets in the prevention of chronic disease – in particular the Aboriginal hunter-gatherer and Cretan Mediterranean diets. She has made major contributions to understanding the relationship between diet and chronic diseases, particularly type 2 diabetes and related conditions such as obesity and vascular disease.

She has held numerous senior academic and research leadership positions, including Director of the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin (2000-2005). She has been active on key national committees advising government on health and medical research, Indigenous health, nutrition, and diabetes.

adrienne-oneil-200Dr Adrienne O’Neil, PhD (Public Health), BA (Psych/Sociol; Hons)

Dr Adrienne O’Neil is a Senior Research Fellow, Lecturer & NHMRC Early Career Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health, University of Melbourne. She is a behavioural scientist whose research and teaching interests lie in understanding the social, psychological & behavioural determinants of disease pathology and outcomes, with a particular focus on mood disorders and cardiometabolic conditions.

Dr O’Neil’s research program utilises shared approaches to the prevention and management of these conditions by targeting common risk factors and disease pathways.

She has published in the British Journal of Nutrition, American Journal of Public Health, BMC Psychiatry, Midwifery and Appetite on the relationship between dietary intakes, depression and cardiovascular disease across the lifespan. In 2013, she was a co-convener of the International Society of Nutritional Psychiatric Research (ISNPR) meeting in Tokyo, Japan and sits on the Executive Committee of the Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders.

kim-poyner-200Kim Poyner, RN, Practice Nurse, Health Coach

Kim, is the Founder of MediCoach, winner of the 2015 APNA Best Practice Award in Nursing for Chronic Disease Management, and now nominee for Hesta Nurse of the Year. Kim has been invited to work with the World Health Organisation on obesity prevention workshops. She presents at national conferences, currently tours with APNA as a keynote presenter on enhanced nurse led clinics, Pilot to Practice program and Chronic disease and Healthy ageing workshops. Consultant to PHNs, Health Insurances and Medical centres developing sustainable frameworks to decrease financial health burdens.

Kim is a Level 3 graduate of Wellness Coaching Australia, mentor’s graduating nurses, a consulting health & wellness coach, and draws on 11 years as an Intensive Care Nurse. During the past nine years as Team Care Coordinator at a large medical centre on Victoria’s Surf Coast Kim has implemented a framework that’s seen care planning revenue increase ten-fold.

sally-price-200Dr Sally Price, MBBS, FRACGP, Dip RACOG, FACNEM, GradDip Primary Health Care

Dr Sally Price qualified in Medicine in London, and after a year there came to Australia where she undertook her FRACGP training and ongoing work in General Practice.

Study continued in Ayurvedic Healthcare with Dr Rajen Cooppan, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Interpretation with Dr Igor Tabrizian. She completed ACNEM training, gaining the FACNEM. Biobalance courses provided some further learning in terms of Mental Health and Nutrient Therapy with Dr William Walsh. Dr Price has been applying integrative, functional and holistic approaches in practice for over 17 years, the last 10 years in an integrative functional practice.

Recent focus in the last 2-3 yrs has been on the gut microbiota, since in Ayurvedic terms also, “all disease begins in the gut”.  Dr Price is an RACGP Accredited Provider and has convened several workshops  with invited speakers to provide further learning and a meeting opportunity for like minded colleagues in WA. She has been a key force in organising ongoing study groups in Perth.

Sally has lectured for ACNEM on the gut microbiome, presented in the community as well as being a Q&A panellist for the Perth screening of the “Whats with Wheat” documentary.

dr-sanjay-raghav-200Adj Assoc Prof Sanjay Raghav, MBBS, MD, DM, FRACP

Dr Sanjay Raghav brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Gawler Cancer Foundation. In addition to his work with the Foundation, Sanjay is a Senior Consultant Neurologist at the Monash Medical Centre and Frankston Hospital, and has been the Director at Dandenong Neurology since 2007. Passionate about sharing his experience and insights with others, he is also a Adjunct Associate Professor at RMIT, an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University, a supervisor and mentor to RACP trainees, and the visiting professor for the division of “Yoga & Life Sciences” with the S-VYASA Yoga University in Bangalore, India.

As an active member of Australian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), Sanjay has a keen interest in holistic living and is proactive in teaching his patients and students how to enrich their lives through an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. 

Combining his love of yoga with his medical experience in movement disorder clinics at Monash and Golf Links Rehabilitation Centre, Sanjay has developed a Parkinson’s specific yoga program, which he runs weekly with impressive results for his students including improvements to stiffness, movement and tremors.


Dr Paul Rankin, RN, BA, MPH, PhD

Dr Paul Rankin is the Area Manager, Australasia, Asia and Africa, for the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, a Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing company, which runs the Complete Health Improvement Program. Paul has worked as a nurse, pastor, missionary pilot, health educator, administrator and academic. He is passionate about his family, wife Sonia and three adult children. He enjoys hang gliding, woodwork and hiking.

Having personally experienced the benefits of lifestyle change when he adopted a plant-based whole-food diet 10 years ago and started exercising. He lost 35kg in weight and saw dramatic reductions in his cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. He was amazed at how much extra energy this simple change in lifestyle gave him and he has committed his life to sharing the benefits of the whole-food plant-based diet with moderate exercise for improving heath and reducing and even reversing many chronic diseases.

Dr Rankin trained as a registered nurse when he first left school. He then trained as a SDA Pastor in the early 1980’s. He completed a Masters in Public Heath in 1998 and a PhD in Lifestyle Medicine in 2014. Dr Rankin is a conjoint lecture in Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale College of Higher Education in Australia and has published 14 articles in relation to lifestyle medicine in pier reviewed academic journals.

James-Read-200Dr James Read, MBBS, FRACGP, Grad Dip Rural GP, JCCA qualified GP anaesthetist

Dr Read is both a rural GP anaesthetist with an interest in indigenous health and an integrative medicine practitioner focussing on integrating lifestyle and nutritional medicine into practice. He has a Master of Public Health majoring in Nutrition. He has Fellowships in General Practice, Rural General Practice and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

As a former Vice President and Faculty member of ACNEM, he is an established nutritional medicine presenter having taught at conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and India. His focus is on integrating the best of nutritional, environmental and lifestyle medicine into mainstream western medicine in patients with chronic disease.

stephan-rossner200Emeritus Prof Stephan Rössner

Stephan Rössner is a Swedish physician and world-renowned expert on treatment strategies for obesity. He is currently a senior scientist at the Obesity Unit at the Karolinska University, Huddinge in Stockholm. He created a new clinical Obesity Unit at the Karolinska Hospital in 1982 and in 1990 he became Professor of Health Behaviour Research. Professor Rössner’s research has focused on the development of long term weight loss maintenance programmes. He has served on the editorial boards of several scientific journals including the International Journal of Obesity and several textbook editorial committees and as an expert in numerous international scientific advisory boards.

He has popularised obesity research in more than 1000 lay article, in TV-programs, theatrical performances and educational stand-up shows. Prof Rössner co-founded and chaired the Swedish Society for the Study of Obesity, in which he has served as President in 1990-98. From 1998 to 2002 Professor Rössner was the President of The International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO), having been the Secretary and President-elect since 1990. He was the Founding Father of the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF), and is a Founding Fellow.

julia-rucklidge-200Prof Julia Rucklidge PhD, CPsych, FNZPsS, MNZCCP

Julia Rucklidge is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, she did her undergraduate training in neurobiology at McGill University in Montreal. She then completed a Master’s and PhD at the University of Calgary in clinical psychology followed by a two year post-doctoral fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

In 2000, she joined the Department of Psychology where she teaches child psychology in the Clinical Psychology Programme and more recently, introduced the topic of Mental Health and Nutrition into the wider psychology programme. Her interests in nutrition and mental illness grew out of her own research showing poor outcomes for children with significant psychiatric illness despite receiving conventional treatments for their conditions.

In the last decade, she has been running clinical trials investigating the role of broad-spectrum micronutrients in the expression of mental illness, specifically ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety and stress and PTSD associated with the Canterbury earthquakes.

Julia has over 100 publications and was the recipient of the Ballin Award 2015 from the NZ Psychologist Society, an award that recognises notably significant contributions to the development or enhancement of clinical psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand. She was also named in the top 100 Most Influential Women in 2015 by Westpac Trust.

peter-smith-200Professor Peter J. Smith, MD, FRACP, FRCPA, FAICD

Peter Smith is a medical oncologist with over 30 years experience of treating children and adolescents with cancer. He was Stephenson Professor and Chair of the department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne; Dean of Medicine, University of Auckland, NZ; and most recently Dean of Medicine, University New South Wales, Australia for 10 years.

He is Immediate Past President, Medical Deans ANZ, the peak body representing Australian and New Zealand Medical Schools. Professor Smith is currently a non-executive Director of St Vincent’s Health Australia, a national hospital group, and is Chair of the Board’s Safety and Quality Committee, providing oversight of clinical performance of the group’s hospitals and aged care facilities.

He has had a mantra-based meditation practice for many years and teaches meditation to medical students.

John150A/Prof John Stevens, RN, BA, PhD, FACN

John Stevens is a health scientist and Associate Professor (Adj.) with Southern Cross University’s School of Health and Human Sciences in Australia. He is also the Director of a number of companies engaged in the Health Education and Research.

In the past John has been Head of the School of Nursing and Health Practices (SCU), the Director of Post Graduate studies (which included convening and teaching the first ever Master’s Award in Lifestyle Medicine – and which he continues to teach) and Director of Professional Development and Enterprise.

He has over 60 peer reviewed publications including books on dementia and obesity management. In 2008 John co-founded the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and remains an executive member of the Board.

boyd-swinburn-200Prof Boyd Swinburn MBChB, MD, FRACP, FNZCPHM

Boyd Swinburn is the Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health at the University of Auckland and Alfred Deakin Professor and Co-Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention at Deakin University in Melbourne. He is also Co-Chair of World Obesity Policy & Prevention section (formerly International Obesity Task Force). He trained as an endocrinologist and has conducted research in metabolic, clinical and public health aspects of obesity. His major research interests are centred on community and policy actions to prevent childhood and adolescent obesity, and reduce, what he has coined, ‘obesogenic’ environments. He is currently leading an initiative (www.informas.org) to monitor and benchmark food environments internationally. He has over 350 publications related to obesity, led two Lancet Series on Obesity and is co-chairs the Lancet Commission on Obesity. He has been an advisor on many government committees, WHO Consultations, and large scientific studies internationally.

paul-taylor-200Paul Taylor, MSc (Ex. Sc), MSc (H. Nutr), Grad Cert (Neuroscience of Leadership)

A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Affiliate Faculty at The University of San Francisco. He is the Director of The Body-Brain Performance Institute, where he delivers Executive Performance, Resilience and Leadership workshops to large companies such as Medibank, NAB, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, SAP and Woolworths. He is also the founder and former owner of The Personal Training Academy and his BioAge software is used by many health clubs, including a global roll-out with Fitness First.

In 2010 Paul created and co-hosted the Channel ONE HD TV series Body and Brain Overhaul, and has appeared regularly on The Biggest Loser TV series as a consultant. In 2010 and 2015, he was voted Australian Fitness Industry presenter of the year. His latest venture is Ritualize, a wellbeing website and program that is currently being rolled out to a number of Corporations following a successful clinical trial.

In addition to an extensive background in health and fitness, Paul has a proven track record in leadership, management and dealing in high-pressure situations, through his former roles as an Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Officer and a Helicopter Search-And-Rescue Crew Member with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, and has undergone rigorous Combat Survival and Resistance-to-Interrogation Training. In 2012, he practiced what he preaches about resilience training and became a professional boxer, and he is currently undertaking a PhD in Medical studies with the University of Tasmania.

stefania-ubaldi-200Stefania Ubaldi, MD, PhD

Dr. Stefania Ubaldi is President of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO).

She graduated summa cum laude in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Bologna (Italy) and holds a specialization in Internal Medicine from the University of Naples Federico II. She was awarded her PhD in Clinical Pathophysiology and Experimental Medicine, for research on Carotid Atherosclerosis (University of Naples Federico II). Additionally, she is currently working on her second specialization in Psychotherapy at the “European School of Functional Psychotherapy” (Napoli, Italy), investigating the association between stress and illness. Since the beginning of her clinical practice, she has been dedicating herself to the promotion of healthy lifestyle applying evidence-based medicine in her internal medicine practice.

In 2014, she founded MedinVita, a company dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the clinical application of Lifestyle Medicine, made up of an interdisciplinary team of expert consultants in Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Epidemiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. In 2015, she established the first Lifestyle Medicine Course for the healthcare staff of a public Hospital in Italy where she co-founded the first Service for Lifestyle Medicine in Uro-Andrology in the Italian public health care system.

Her research interest is focused primarily on the interdisciplinary approaches in clinical treatment and behavior change. Dr Ubaldi is a frequent speaker and lecturer at medical conferences and Universities. She practices Lifestyle Medicine in Geneva (Switzerland) and in many Italian cities.

Robert-Verkerk-200Dr Robert Verkerk, BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD, FACN

Founder, executive and scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health International (www.anhinternational.org) and scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health USA (www.anh-usa.org).

Robert Verkerk PhD is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 30 years experience in sustainability, specifically in the fields of agriculture, food production and healthcare. He has Masters and Doctorate degrees from Imperial College London, where he continued his research for a further 7 years as a postdoctoral research fellow.

In 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl), an independent non-profit organisation established in 2002 that promotes natural, sustainable and bio-compatible approaches to healthcare—using ‘good science’ and ‘good law’. Its four core activities are education and awareness-raising, research, legal and advocacy. ANH-Intl’s mission of ‘love nature, live naturally’ covers a wide range of issues related to natural health.

MarkWahlqvist200Emeritus Prof Mark L. Wahlqvist AO, BMedSc, MBBS, MD (Adelaide), MD (Uppsala), FRACP, FAIFST, FACN, FAFPHM, FTSE

Mark Wahlqvist is Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Monash University and Visiting Professor, Centre for Health Policy Research and Development, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan.

He was educated at Adelaide and Uppsala Universities, is a Consultant Physician and has held chairs in Human Nutrition, Medicine, Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine between Melbourne’s Deakin and Monash Universities, Chair of Internal Medicine at Prince Henry’s Hospital, then the Monash Medical Centre, in Melbourne, Director of the APHNC (Asia Pacific Health & Nutrition Centre) at the MAI (Monash Asia Institute) and of the FAO Centre of Excellence in Food Safety at Monash University.

He has also held appointments at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the University of Indonesia and Zhejiang University in China. He was President of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences, Chair of the Australian Nutrition Foundation (Nutrition Australia), Foundation Chair of the WMCACA (Weight Management Code Administration Council of Australia) , a Board member of ANZFA, the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority (now FSANZ), Foundation Chair of the Food Safety Council of Victoria, chair of the Australian Academy of Science National Nutrition Committee, Foundation Editor-in-Chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

His advisory board memberships have included the Harvest Plus program (International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington DC), the Riddet Food Research Institute at Massey University, New Zealand and the WHO Nutrition Advisory panel. He has been recognised with awards by the nutrition societies in Australia, Britain, the USA, Taiwan, Indonesia and China. He was awarded he Charlotta Medal by the Swedish Emigrants Research Institute and made an honorary Bataknese.[/fusion_text][fusion_separator style_type=”single solid” alignment=”center” /][fusion_text]

Points of difference

This will be a unique international event, specially designed to meet the education and professional development needs of clinicians, health policy professionals, scientists and researchers. The many points of difference of this event include:

  • Co-convened by Australasian, European and American counterparts
  • A full scientific (oral abstracts and posters) international conference
  • Sizeable contingent of international speakers and VIPs
  • Evidence-based clinical application of Lifestyle Medicine
  • ‘How to’ knowledge, skills, tools and procedures for clinicians with CPD points
  • A cutting edge program with participatory workshops, discussions forums and case studies
  • Focus on modification and regression of chronic disease, depression, mood and anxiety disorders
  • Multi-disciplinary team and whole person patient focus
  • The latest translational scientific research from around the world
  • Deep exploration of determinants and systemic issues for health policy professionals
  • Thought leaders ‘Future Think Tank’ resulting in a consensus statement to be released to local and international media