Certified in Lifestyle Medicine

ASLM is proud to announce the health professionals who have successfully obtained Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Certification in Lifestyle Medicine demonstrates competency in Lifestyle Medicine, augmenting clinical or public health practice with a solid grounding in preventing, managing and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related diseases.

Certification signifies

  • The completion of at least 30 hours of online Continuing Medical Education (CME), specific to Lifestyle Medicine
  • The completion of  at least 10 hours of in-person CME from attending workshops, conferences, etc., specific to Lifestyle Medicine
  • The submission of a case study, documenting the process and outcomes of a Lifestyle Medicine-based intervention or approach
  • Self-study and courses resulting in passing a rigorous 4 hour International Board Certification exam set by the IBLM
  • Certified Physician – Medical doctors/specialists
  • Certified Professional – Masters/PhD level health practitioners
  • Certified Practitioner – Degree level health practitioners

The following individuals have each successfully obtained Certification in Lifestyle Medicine with the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and are entitled to use the below Certification badges as shown.

Solange Adad | QLD
Jenny Brockis | WA
Lucy Burns | VIC
Tri Cao | SA
Peter Comben | QLD
Megan Cope | NT
Roxanne Craig | NT
Joshua Crase | VIC
Sarah Cunningham | QLD
Maria Demesa | NSW
Cherelle Fitzclarence | WA
Sonia Foley | NSW
Richard Gee | VIC
Celine Gol | QLD
Ray Goodwin | SA
Nazih Hamzeh | NSW
Rachel Hawker | QLD
Jonathan Hoar  | NSW
Lee Yew Hoong | Malaysia
Andi Howes | WA
Mary Jessop | QLD
Jayant Karambhe | QLD
Dean Klimczak | WA
Catherine Llewellyn | QLD
Siew Lo | ACT
Lawrence Loh | ACT
Sharon Matthews | QLD
Malcolm Mckay | VIC
Shivani Moodley | NSW
Christabelle Nath | NSW
Alison Piper | QLD
Denise Powell | QLD
Margareta Prozesky | VIC
Alveda-Michelle Reiss | NSW
Kristen Riley | QLD
Svitlana Saburova | ACT
Morgen Smith | New Zealand
Katrina Tellesson | TAS
Cheryl Wilson | SA
Luke Wilson | New Zealand
Nicholas Wright | New Zealand
Paul Wood | Fiji
Rodolfo Yuchongco | NSW

Desré Arnold | QLD
Lisa Chiang | QLD
Sarah Dryburgh | QLD
John Gruhn | NSW
Gina Howland | NSW
Heather Irvine-Rundle | NSW
Simon Matthews | NSW
Darren Morton | NSW
Susie Oosthuizen | QLD
Remo Parente | VIC
Stephen Penman | VIC
Dianne Raymont | New Zealand
Marline Squance | NSW

Jenny Blagdon | QLD
Robyn Chuter | NSW
Jacqueline Edser | QLD
Willow Firth | NSW
Martin Flood | SA
Juliet Richards | SA
Patterson Stark | New Zealand