Border to Bay: A toolkit for self-care and thriving in your practice

A healthy focus on self-care is an essential component of good, enjoyable and sustainable clinical practice.

Led by Dr Caroline West (GP) and A/Prof John Stevens (RN), the immersive Border to Bay eduventure will explore the Lifestyle Medicine needed to ensure you are best equipped to care for others. Take part in this interactive and informative workshop to gain new tools for sustainable self-care, all while taking in the stunning sights of eastern Australia.

Specifically, participation in this program will equip you with new ways of thinking, behaving and responding to the demands of a busy life, strategies for sustainable self-care, tools to maintain an effective support network, and much more! Participants will walk approximately 65kms over three relaxing days, from the New South Wales border to the Byron Bay Lighthouse.

What to expect


Medical practitioners, practice nurses, allied health practitioners, other health professionals and their companions.

Family, friends and non-practitioners are welcome to join us for the walk and social events (without CPD) at a reduced fee.


Friday 22 – Sunday 24 November 2019

An optional ‘meet and greet’ will take place on Thursday 21 November at 6pm.

The program aims to conclude by 3pm on Sunday 24 November.


Mantra on Salt, Kingscliff, New South Wales.

Perfectly located in the Tweed River Valley, this resort offers superbly appointed Kingscliff accommodation and an exceptional experience of the New South Wales north coast.

What you will gain

6 hours of formal CPD will apply for most health practitioners, including 40 Category 1 RACGP QI&CPD points for Australian GPs.

CPD will be delivered through three separate 2-hour modules focused on the wellbeing of the practitioner. Participants are expected to discuss and reflect on the course content during the beach-walking.

Little Changes, Big Results: A tool kit for self-care and surviving your practice

Presented by Dr Caroline West:

  • Session 1: What makes us tick
  • Session 2: You can’t pour from an empty cup
  • Session 3: The things no one ever taught you at medical school

Led by A/Prof John Stevens, the Border to Bay eduventure will take participants on an immersive 3-day walk from the border of New South Wales to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to encounter the beautiful coastlines and headlands of eastern Australia.

In addition to the Border to Bay walk, there will be opportunities for massage, yoga and meditation to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

*IMPORTANT: The physical ability to walk approximately 20kms per day (predominantly on firm, sandy terrain), is essential. 

On completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Prioritise their own physical and mental health and develop sustainable self-care strategies
  • Understand the joys and challenges faced as health professionals
  • Recognise early warning signs of excess stress, burnout and mental health issues, and learn when to ask for help
  • Value the importance of having your own GP
  • Strengthen management skills to manage time and work flow more efficiently
  • Use mindfulness meditation to reduce stress
  • Develop tools to maintain an effective support network

Prioritise self-care and participate in an immersive eduventure that focusses on you

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Program outline

6pm: For those who are available, an optional ‘meet and greet’ will take place on Thursday 21 November at Salt Bar, Mantra on Salt.

6:15am-6:45am: Sunrise on the beach

7am-9am: Breakfast, overview of the day’s agenda, and completion of Module 1: What makes us tick with Dr Caroline West

9:30am-3pm: Full beach walk from Tweed River Mouth to Hastings Point (23kms)

3pm: Bus from Hastings Point to Mantra

3:30pm-6pm: Relax!

6pm: Dinner at Salt Bar. The cost of this meal and some drinks is included.

6:15am-6:45am: Greet the sun

7am-9am: Breakfast, overview of the day’s agenda, and completion of Module 2: You can’t pour from an empty cup with Dr Caroline West

Discussion on just how prevalent the problem of burnout is for health professionals. Interactive discussion what causes the most stress for delegates of this event.

9:30am: Bus to Hastings Point

9:45am-3pm: Walk from Hastings Point to North Brunswick River Wall (22kms)

3pm: Bus from Brunswick Heads to Mantra

3:30pm-6pm: Relax!

6pm: Dinner at Salt Bar or other (option to eat as a group or individually). The cost of meal is not included.

6:15am-6:45am: Another sunrise!

7am-9am: Breakfast, overview of the day’s agenda, and completion of Module 3: The things no one ever taught you at medical school with Dr Caroline West

The importance of time management and proactive planning. Group workshop and discussion about understanding the barriers to good time management and input from the group about solutions to overcome these.

9:30am: Bus to South Wall Brunswick Heads

10:00am-2:30: Walk South Wall Brunswick Heads to Byron Lighthouse (21kms)

*Yay team!

2:30pm-3pm: Bus to Mantra on Salt (we won’t leave without you!)

Gain new tools and strategies for sustainable self-care while taking in the beautiful sights of Australia’s eastern coast

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About the team

Caroline West

Dr Caroline West

Dr Caroline West (MBBS, FASLM)  is one of Australia’s most respected and well known Media Doctors, with an extensive background as a journalist in TV, online media and print journalism. She is currently the host of Ask the Doctor and Catalyst on ABC TV. Her past credits as a TV presenter and producer include Beyond Tomorrow, Good Medicine, Beyond 2000, 60 minutes, Sex/Life, Living Longer, Everybody, George Negus Tonight, Guide to the Good Life, Mornings, The Drum and The Project.

Caroline is a Sydney-based GP with 30 years of clinical experience. She is particularly passionate about nutrition, stress management, healthy lifestyle behavioural changes, mental health, sleep, exercise, and preventative medicine. Caroline has been a leader in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, believing that prevention is key. She is the Past President of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

John Stevens

A/Prof John Stevens

A/Prof John Stevens (RN, BA(Hons), PhD, FACN, FASLM) is a health sociologist and Associate Professor (Adj) in the School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University (SCU). He is also a Registered Nurse and the director of a number of companies engaged in health education and research, working closely with Primary Health Networks. In the past, John has been Head of the School of Nursing and Health Practices, the Director of Post Graduate studies (which included convening and teaching the first ever Master’s Award in Lifestyle Medicine) and Director of Professional Development and Enterprise, at SCU. John was a founding member of ASLM and has provided academic leadership to the movement. He is also pioneering the use of Shared Medical Appointments as a procedure to help clinicians put evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine into practice.

Booking your accomodation at Mantra on Salt

Discounted accommodation at Mantra on Salt is available. You will receive details of this upon registering to attend.